Monday, March 15, 2010

Peter Parker 513

I had the chance to not only photograph, but to meet Cincinnati's Peter Parker 513. He recently moved to
Los Angeles so I caught up with him on Hollywood Blvd a few days before I left the city.  He's a hip-hop artist and mad freestyler. He's currently working on his new mixtape.

You can find more from Peter Peter 513 on:  Youtube and Facebook.

Here are some preview images from our shoot but you can catch the full album on my website.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

That was tight!! His flow was tight he aint talking about no bullshit and also he had that rakim look going on. He was on his PAID IN FULL look. Loved the flow. And also loved the Pics L-boogie you are excellent at wat you do. Keep it up! One love to Peter P. Keep it 100 cant wait till the mixtape come out